If you need professional translation services in the areas

Legal  •  Commercial  •  Official  •  Engineering 

into the target languages English (U.K. and U.S.) and German, also
certified and, if necessary, authenticated for judicial purposes abroad
.....    then you've picked the right site.
Our activities focus on the topics

Agency Agreements
Business reports
Business & private correspondence
Commercial register extracts
Cartel law related documentation
Deeds & official records
Expert opinions
Financial matters
General terms & conditions
Marketing & Advertising
Newsletters & press releases
Real estate matters & creation of land charges
Patent specifications
Sale & purchase agreements
Technical documentation / test reports / operation manuals
Testimonials and educational / professional credentials
Training course documentation


Besides, we create, record and process your drafts in proper language

and in any commonly used software application. We edit, revise and proof-read. 
All in all, we deliver print-ready products in English and German. 
Post-editorial work on your corporate communication and documentation
Brochures and websites
Stylized templates in your very own styles
 ⇒   such as bi-/tri-lingual documents, job applications, CVs and more.
Why not leave the processing of your text material and
the fine-tuning of your communication to an expert team ?
If you just can't make sense out of what is in front of you ---  call upon us!
+ 49 (0) 6486 8511 or (0) 177 2904 992
Should you need any services into or out of other foreign languages,
for example English/German 
 Chinese, French, Spanish, and many more,
there will be a pool of reliable colleagues to accomplish such tasks.
October 2017


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